Emily Sage | Charlotte, NC

Never would have thought I’d get Emily Sage to be featured on this page. She is an incredibly talented artist and her music will give you all the feeeeels. Her voice is enchanting, and she is an amazing human being! Who also is a good friend I’ve had the pleasure in meeting in Charlotte. She has a new single with the homie, Greg Cox. Check it out here.

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Emily Sage

Charlotte, NC

Crafting better Stories.

Crafting better Stories.

“Before you get the fancy shot and cool lighting, value people above all else. There’s something about having a character in the story that carries such a desire and passion in their heart that allows the audience to connect with their journey. On your next shoot or creative endeavor, seek to understand that character’s desire. Seek to understand their why.“

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Blaire & Thomas Surprise Proposal! | Broyhill Park, Blowing Rock, NC

Do you remember back in like 5th grade when you had to present your project to the classroom? Remember the feelings of nervousness, the crackling in your voice, the heaviness of your feet... This was Thomas as he began to explain to me how he was going to propose to the love of his life, Blaire. Imagine that 10x on the day it happened in Boone.

The setting was perfect. At a park under a Gazebo with a beautiful lakefront.  The weather was perfect on top of that mountain. Thomas and I planned out everything (well he planned it and I agreed).

So the story went like this: I'm just a random guy reading a book at the park who just so happen to have a really nice camera. Thomas and Blaire walks up to enjoy the scenery.  Thomas comes up to me and ask if I can take their picture with his phone. Well I have a camera so I offered to use mine and send them the pictures via wifi (this is so good. Thomas was so nervous he made me nervous however both of our acting was on par). Blaire had no clue. As soon as I snapped one picture he looked at me and I gave him the eye for confirmation. As soon as he dropped on one knee, Blaire lost it. I came in like a paparrazzi. It was amazing to say the least. 

Thinking about doing this with your lovely lady? Let's link! (Enjoy the pictures below everyone!)

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Jomaira + Andrew Engagement | Jetton Park, Cornelius NC

We were not sure if we were going to make it. It was suppose to be thunderstorms every. single. day. However we went for it! SO glad we did. It rained for a few minutes but not as bad as the news predicted. 

THESE TWO THOUGH. Incredible and powerful couple with hearts ready to serve. Jomaira and Andrew are two amazing people and your life will be changed by knowing them. They both are from up north (so you know they very outgoing people) and their stories of discovering one another is one for the books.  During the session they had so much freedom to simply be themselves. You could tell that they were in love with one another. There was an intimacy and transparency they had with one another that was pretty evident.  Can't wait to be shooting their wedding next year! Congratulations Jomaira and Andrew! 



Alexis Portraits | Camp North End

Alexis is a new friend of mine and she has a passion for arts and modeling! She's super dope and made the day so fun and easy! She showed me North Camp and I instantly was all in. This was my first time going to North Camp End and I fell in love. YO this place is so dope! We even climbed up the ladder and got an amazing view of the cityscape. (SICK!) If your looking to take some portraits with the urban vibe make sure to contact me.

I shot this on my favorite lens (thus far) Sigma Art 24mm f1.4 + my canon 80d. 

Check out some highlight pictures from our session below!


Uptown Charlotte w/ Jen

Uptown Charlotte w/ Jen

"Jen is a great friend of mine who wanted some creative portraits done. She's an incredible hair stylist and wanted to start on working on her personal brand. If you are interested in building up your brand and you want some portrait headshots check out this session below and feel free to contact me here!"

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Will Taylor - Video Portrait 001

Will Taylor - Video Portrait 001

We linked up early that morning so I really wanted to capture that play of light and shadow. The ending result turned out completely different than how I initially expected. I could listen to Lofi Hip Hop all day. Probably one of my favorite/most listened to genres. I played that and just begin to flow in this creative vibe and this was the result. You get that NYC Vibe you know? 

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