Family is b u i l t.


Sometimes it's so easy to get so caught up in our day to day that we completely forget to reach out to others and join them in their adventures and dreams. By doing so, we begin to prosper in purpose and accomplish our adventures and dreams for Jesus.

I'm learning so much about the importance of community.. If you are not established in a godly community making intentional relationships, it can lead to a stumbling block and burn out is waiting for you. Reach out and be purposeful with your relationships. On the other hand, welcome people who are reaching out to you. Especially those who have a genuine heart for God and desire to see you see Jesus.

All in all, stay committed and stay faithful to your community. Family is b u i l t with intention and purpose on both sides.

Some of my friends from my community and found the perfect spot. Enjoy some stills. 



Judah's Bow