Crafting better Stories.

Crafting better Stories.

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Think about your favorite story or favorite movie. Why was it your favorite? Was it the cool action shots or was it the character that you connected with so well? I’m sure you almost “saw” yourself as the character. There was a deep tugging heart connection you must’ve had. This is a part of the science of storytelling.

I’ve been learning so much about story. It’s such a buzzword, however, when used right, it can bring about inspiration, transformation, and change of thought.

Intention is behind every single thing that influences. Here’s 1 tip on crafting a better story.


Before you get the fancy shot and cool lighting, value people above all else. There’s something about having a character in the story that carries such a desire and passion in their heart that allows the audience to connect with their journey. On your next shoot or creative endeavor, seek to understand that character’s desire. Seek to understand their why.

Once you know what their after, highlight that in your story. Use the character’s desire to drive the story. The audience will follow.

Example: Lion the movie is about a young Indian boy who gets lost from his family and spends a few years of his life finding them. The reason why this story is so strong is because his desire to find his family is so captivating. It pulls you in. It makes you want to call yours just to check in. Good stories guide the heart to move the mind.

Good stories guide the heart to move the mind.