Blaire & Thomas Surprise Proposal! | Broyhill Park, Blowing Rock, NC

Do you remember back in like 5th grade when you had to present your project to the classroom? Remember the feelings of nervousness, the crackling in your voice, the heaviness of your feet... This was Thomas as he began to explain to me how he was going to propose to the love of his life, Blaire. Imagine that 10x on the day it happened in Boone.

The setting was perfect. At a park under a Gazebo with a beautiful lakefront.  The weather was perfect on top of that mountain. Thomas and I planned out everything (well he planned it and I agreed).

So the story went like this: I'm just a random guy reading a book at the park who just so happen to have a really nice camera. Thomas and Blaire walks up to enjoy the scenery.  Thomas comes up to me and ask if I can take their picture with his phone. Well I have a camera so I offered to use mine and send them the pictures via wifi (this is so good. Thomas was so nervous he made me nervous however both of our acting was on par). Blaire had no clue. As soon as I snapped one picture he looked at me and I gave him the eye for confirmation. As soon as he dropped on one knee, Blaire lost it. I came in like a paparrazzi. It was amazing to say the least. 

Thinking about doing this with your lovely lady? Let's link! (Enjoy the pictures below everyone!)

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