Judah's Bow

We wanted to keep the name "Judah's Bow" but the challenge was bringing imagery to the meaning. The tribe of Judah, which eventually became a nation, is the tribe of Jesus. We believe every tribe, or family, is like a ship traveling on this voyage called life towards destiny. We believe life is the beginning towards destiny which is filled with laughter, tears, joy, struggle, happiness, and all of the great things in between. These experiences all hold purpose. They all hold inspiration. These are the kind of stories we love to tell. This is Judah's Bow. Let us capture apart of your voyage.


The purpose behind Judah’s Bow is not just to create beautiful film, but to frame inspiration. To frame power. Pain. laughter. Joy. struggle. All things that are apart of life and glorify God. Judah’s Bow to me, is a reminder to not take this life for granted. To make the most of it. To remind ourselves that God has particularly made man in his image and has given him purpose.  I want to tell inspiring stories of life. You're life is a journey and is being carried by the author of it’s currents. This is Judah's Bow.